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The Personal Branding sessions are more customized than a Headshot session and there are lots of factors to consider including the location, outfits, branding colors, etc.

Therefore, our pre-shoot experience will be more comprehensive and in-depth in the pre-planning stages. I will help you decide how to best translate your brand into images that you can use on social media, your website, and in advertising. Each brand is different and consequently, each session is personalized.

Before you start considering locations for your Personal Branding session, take the time to think about how your normal day looks like.
Remember that you want to give potential clients and audience a look at a day in your life and that your photos need to tell that story. You may even find that you don’t need to look very far for the perfect location either, as your office might be all you need.

You will end up investing a bit more into this type of session than you would with a headshot session, simply because you’re getting a wider variety of images, and more time spent with planning, consulting, and finally, shooting.
With these images the end goal is to help you be more profitable in your business, so think of them as a true investment in your brand.

People do judge books by their covers and, if you want to stand out, you need photos that truly represent YOU.

This is where I can help. I will make you feel confident and comfortable during the session, so the photos will turn out great.

You are amazing. Your photos should be too!

Personal Branding photo session in Zurich – Social Media Specialist

Yuliia is a Social Media specialist and needed professional images for her website. She came to me because she knows that a successful marketing strategy is closely linked to her online persona. We started our photo shoot in Zürich, near Europa Alee. I like this area because it has a business…

Personal Branding session Zürich – Coach, Mentor and Consultant

I know Catherine for more than 20 years. We first met at the end of the ´90s when she was the Head of Marketing for a well known multinational corporation and I was responsible for that account within the Advertising agency. Our paths diverged at one point and Catherine pursued her successful career in the…

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